Bohr – ClickView’s Latest Product Release

Joe Pour
By Joe Pour
ClickView's Head of Product

Our Product team has been busy developing new features and updates, scheduled for release every 6 weeks. The product releases are named after famous scientists, authors, and luminaries who have contributed to society.

We are proud to announce the Bohr release, which is now live.

Release Overview

  • iOS App Overhaul
  • Immediate Feedback in Interactives
  • High Precision Mode in Cloud Editor
  • Contribute to Exchange
  • Improved Folder Selector for Add to Library

iOS App Overhaul

Product: ClickView

Install version 3.1 of the App: App Store Australia / App Store New Zealand

  • Display Season and Episode number
  • Download, preview and share resources (if supported by device)
  • Minor bug-fixes and improvements:
    • Videos from search should have interactive metadata
    • Main page is now the root view controller
    • Improve compatibility with iOS 13

iOS app


Immediate Feedback for Interactives

Product: ClickView

  • Added a line to separate multiple choice answers (in case the answers contain new line characters)
  • Changed “Watch Again” which took you to the start of the interactive to “Attempt Again” which will count as a new attempt
  • Added a cross in the top right of the summary view to get out of the summary and back to the video
  • If an interactive has short answers questions, you will be prompted that immediate feedback for short answers cannot be provided when you tick the “enable immediate feedback” checkbox

iOS app interactives

Immediate Feedback for Interactives

Immediate Feedback for Interactives


High Precision Mode in Cloud Editor

Product: ClickView

You can now specify if you want your edit to be performed using High Precision mode. High Precision mode increases the accuracy from within one second, to within one frame.

This, however, comes with a slightly longer processing time (anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more), so it is not enabled by default.

High Precision Mode

Minor Fixes

  • Fixed subtitles sometimes not loading in the editor.
  • Fixed play button showing the video is playing when autoplay is not enabled by the browser.
  • Fixed title, rating and description sometimes showing the wrong values.

Contribute to Exchange from Library Editor

Product: Library Editor

One of the functions that has been requested the most from Librarians is to be able to contribute videos to the Exchange from Library Editor.

We’re pleased to say this can now be done, so many thanks to our customers for this great piece of feedback.

Contribute to Exchange

Add to the Exchange


Improved Folder Selector for Add to Library

Product: ClickView
This has been requested by schools with larger video libraries, who wanted a feature to make it easier to find the correct folder.

You now have a collapsable folder structure when adding a video to your library.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to provide us with feedback and the team who has worked so incredibly hard to bring this release to life. We’re already working hard on another release of new features and improvements that will be coming around mid of December.

If you have any ideas for new features or would just like to provide us some feedback, please feel free to get in contact with us at research@clickview.com.au.

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