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Jeremy LeCornu
By Jeremy LeCornu
Biology Teacher

There are many well documented benefits of flipped learning. Working first-hand with teachers around Australia has enabled me to see and hear how these benefits are being realised. I also find that teachers and students report numerous other benefits purely from the production of video lesson content itself. For a teacher, it causes them to reflect on their teaching methodology. It also de-privatises their practise to colleagues and parents. For students, it gives them greater access to their teacher anywhere and anytime. At the same time, some teachers who use the flipped learning approach, do so without the use of video resources that they produce themselves: Some of the reasons they cite for this choice are the lack of time or technical skills, embarrassment at the prospect of having their voice and/or face on video or the fact there are already suitable video resources that are commercially or readily available.

In my masters research study, I am interested in further exploring why teachers choose to produce, or not produce, their own video lesson content. To facilitate this, I have been guided by the following research question:

In the flipped learning context:

– Why do teachers choose to produce their own video resources versus using commercially or readily available video resources?

The question of create or curate is often one of the first questions that a teacher asks before they begin exploring the flipped approach. I am hoping that a better understanding of the rationale behind this choice will help inform other teachers when they are faced with the create or curate dilemma. This will mean they can easily decide what is the best option for them and have success with the flipped approach sooner.

My personal experience has been to produce my own video resources and it has been very successful.

I would love to invite you to have your say and participate in my research project by completing this 10-15 minute anonymous online survey – http://goo.gl/QVcxrw

This research project is being conducted by me, Jeremy LeCornu, at the School of Education together with Dr. Sven Trenholm from the School of Education at the University of South Australia. The study is intended for Australian teachers who are either using, or interested in using, the flipped learning approach. Participation in this study is anonymous and entirely voluntary. So far, 140 responses have been collected and the survey will close on Tuesday 13 December 2016.

If you have any questions about the study or would like to be notified of the results please email jeremy.lecornu@brighton.sa.edu.au Keep an eye out for a follow up blog next year once all of the findings have been gathered and analysed.

If you would like to see my flipped biology lessons you can view them here: www.clickview.tv/jeremylecornu

Thank you very much for contributing to this research. I very much hope that it can help build on the fantastic work of other Australian flipped educators.

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